Professional free-surfer Matt Meola is an aerial specialist who has been pushing the boundaries of what is possible on and above the waves for over a decade. Growing up on the Hawaiian island of Maui he has some of the best surf breaks and conditions available to him to create his very own test lab for progressive manoeuvres. He’s one of the handful of surfers to have ever landed a frontside 540, which he named the “Spindle Flip” in 2015, and just to prove that it wasn’t a happy accident he did it again in 2017. Matt continues to innovate and drive our sport forwards.

Surfing and snowboarding takes Matt all over the world, but he loves spending time at home on Maui. He’s a true outdoorsman, so if the surf’s flat then he’ll be out spearfishing or bow-hunting in search of dinner.
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Matt Meola