Our location in Northern Europe defines our company: we understand what it’s like to get cold. We test our suits in the most extreme conditions on the planet, even in the Arctic Circle, because we want to be 100% satisfied that C-Skins will keep you warmer for longer, wherever your passion takes you.


Our wetsuits are crafted from cutting-edge technology and restless creativity. We are constantly innovating, disrupting and experimenting. We are reliably radical; pushing the limits of wetsuit design and materials, so that you can push your own limits out there in the water.


C-Skins was born out of a love of the sea and the life it gives us. Everything we do is about getting you out there to experience it. Whatever the conditions, whatever your ability, when you’re wearing C-Skins you’ve got 45 years of commitment and innovation in the water with you, helping you to do what you love, and do it better.

Our sole focus is developing innovative neoprene products that deliver on warmth, fit, flexibility and durability and maximize your time in the water. Our passion is helping you to spend more time on yours.