Properly caring for your wetsuit will ensure that it will last for many sessions to come. Our suits are designed with longevity in mind, but it’s essential that you wash, dry and store your wetsuit correctly to lengthen its life span.

How Do I Change In And Out Of My Wetsuit?

- Before surfing: Don’t rush - even if it’s pumping!

  • Make sure your wetsuit is pulled up at each stage before putting your arms in.
  • Don’t tug too hard. Our wetsuits are stretchy but the seams aren’t. Therefore do not grab or pull hard, especially close to the seams as this could tear your wetsuit.
  • Be careful of finger nails, especially on mesh (smooth) skin.
  • Try wearing socks or a plastic bag over your feet if you’re struggling to slide the suit on.

- After surfing: Don’t rush - even if you’re freezing!

  • Try not to stomp on your wetsuit in the carpark while changing.
  • Use a wetsuit bucket or changing mat to save your suit from abrasion in the carpark – link to BD changing mat

Avoid contact with Velcro as Velcro can tear the delicate fibres – especially inside the wetsuit on the stretch panels. Also be aware of leashes, boots and other accessories with Velcro that could get hitched up with your suit.

Pop it safely in a wetsuit bucket or bag for the journey home, avoiding any Velcro/ sharp objects that could damage the suit in transit.


How Do I Care For My Wetsuit? 

  • After every session rinse your suit with fresh water: This removes odours, salt build-up and sand that can attach itself to the linings and the zip, which makes it stiff. The water should be cold or lukewarm, but never hot.
  • Never use chemicals or cleaning products that aren’t specifically made for wetsuits as this could damage your wetsuit and void the warranty. If you want to use products, make sure you use a specific wetsuit shampoo that won’t damage the neoprene or seams.
  • Once it’s rinsed: Leave to drip dry hung over a wide wetsuit hanger folded at the waist, or over a fence or gate outside. If drying outside, keep out of direct sunlight as this will accelerate damage to suit. UV rays can cause neoprene to bleach and to dry out, loose stretch and become brittle over time.
  • Definitely don’t leave it balled up in a bucket in the back of your car, especially if you haven’t rinsed it with fresh water. It will begin to smell and be unpleasant to put on for your next session.
  • Never put your wetsuit in the washing machine or tumble dryer as the heat and spin will damage it.


How Do I Store My Wetsuit Long Term?

  • At the end of the season: make sure your suit is totally clean and dry inside and out before long-term storage.
  • Hang folded in half over a special wetsuit hanger or thick trouser hanger – don’t use thin wire hangers for this job. If you use a thin hanger the wetsuit may damage/overstretch on the shoulders.
  • If you don’t have space to hang your suit in a well-ventilated area until next season, the next best option is to roll it. Folding your suit for prolonged periods of time will create weak points.