Innovation almost always starts with a problem, and our 3D Future Fit is no exception. We’ve often found that wetsuit boots feel great in the shop, but after a few surfs they start to feel sloppy. Excess give and poor shape would allow unwanted movement in the structure of the boot itself; this has two main effects. Firstly heat retention is reduced with water able to flush through freely and secondly, arguably more critical to surfers, a reduction in board control.

We wanted to create a warm boot, fitted so well that you would forget you were wearing them and feels that way for the lifetime of the boot.

We decided to start from ground zero and begin with a progressive new last, the vital foundation of the wetsuit boot. The next step was to build a range of wetsuit boots to the high standard we ask of ourselves. Using laser cutting and multi-layer reinforcement on the soles, we have come up with a fit that not only keeps you warm but has the dexterity and traction that makes you feel barefoot on your board.