Surfing in Norway isn’t for the fainthearted. With the recent bout of snow we’ve seen scattered across the UK, we might think we know what it’s like to surf in freezing conditions, but Norwegian locals and those that venture to Scandinavian shores know that the cold of the UK has nothing on the biting air and sea temperatures of Norway. If you’re planning on heading over on a surf trip, you’ll need to be prepared. A 6mm suit is a must, plus a hood (preferably built into the wetsuit), 7mm or 5mm boots and gloves, plus a thermal rash vest will enable you to stay in the water for longer. Once you’re out of the sea, changing quickly and efficiently is essential. A changing robe can work wonders for keeping the wind off bare skin, whilst loose, thick layers, a hat, mittens, a scarf, wool socks and boots will get you home to a warm shower safely and cosily. For any forgotten kit, a replacement wetsuit or if you fancy treating yourself to some new neoprene, visit our friends Surfe-Sjappa in Stavanger or Oslo. 

 c-skins team rider joel stevenson surfing in the lofoten islands in norway

Proudly Norway’s oldest board retailer, Surfe-Sjappa opened in 1978 to service the needs of surfers, skaters and snowboarders in Scandinavia. The shop crew pride themselves on being able to offer valuable advice based on their lengthy experience within the board sports industry, helping riders get the equipment they need at a budget they can afford. 


Surfe-Sjappa, also known as SrfSnoSk8, stock hard-wearing, quality gear that champions Norwegian conditions. You can shop C-skins products for men, women and kids, including wetsuits ranging from 6mm to 4mm, plus all the extra essentials. If you’re planning a trip to the northern reaches of Europe this winter, you’ll need to be fully suited and booted.

Sadly, you’re not likely to be wearing a summer wetsuit in Norway. The water temperature in August averages at around 14.5 degrees celsius, whilst it drops to an average of 4.9 degrees in March. The surf season lasts from February to November, with the summer months being more suited to beginners with mellow waves and “warmer” temperatures, whilst the colder months offer rougher, tougher waves for experienced surfers looking for icy barrels in beautiful surroundings. 

Surfe-Sjappa’s two shops are positioned 7 hours apart, one in the seaside, rainbow-housed town of Stavanger, and the other in Oslo, Norway’s capital. The most popular surf spots in the country lie near the Stavanger store, many of which can be checked on forecasting website Magic Seaweed. 

c-skins team rider joel stevenson surfing in the lofoten islands in norway

Known as the ‘land of the midnight sun’, Norway is famous for it’s incredibly long summer days and dark winters. With up to about 19 hours of daylight, the longest days are in June, whilst during southern Norway winters you can expect around six to eight hours of daylight. These impressive conditions, coupled with the outstanding scenery, traditional culture, beautiful architecture and world-class waves have brought many surfers, photographers and filmmakers to the shores of Norway and the Lofoten Islands. Famous creations include award winning Norwegian surf lifestyle film, Nordfor Sola (North of the Sun), created by Inge Wegge and Jørn Ranum about their nine month surf trip to an uninhabited bay in the north west of Norway, plus mesmerising images shot by acclaimed independent photographers Tim Nunn and Chris Burkhard. 

At Surfe-Sjappa, as well as C-Skins wetsuits and accessories, you’ll also find top of the range snow and skate equipment from specialist brands, enabling you to get out and enjoy the elements. The team there are incredibly knowledgeable and helpful, and do their utmost to ensure their customers leave with the perfect kit for the harsh yet epic seasons Norway is famous for. Check out the C-Skins range they have on offer here.