Date: 28th March 2022

Swell: 3ft at 14s

Wind: Offshore. Fairly strong

Location: Guincho Beach, Portugal

Board: 6’0 Pyzel Ghost

Wetsuit: 3/2 Rewired


Tell us about this run of swell… 

This session I was training with Llewelyn Whittaker in Portugal, at Guincho beach. I was coming off a string of terrible surfs and felt like things weren’t really going my way. The swell had been decent but I was in my own head a bit. I was out basically trying to warm up for the upcoming QS events, and just hadn’t found my groove.

How did this particular session stand out?

When we turned up the waves were good, but busy. Guincho is pretty close to Lisbon and picks up a lot of surfers out of the city. There’s a lot of real young rippers there so there can be a lot of competition despite there being a lot of peaks.

Can you talk us through this wave…  

I got excited and jumped on a old favourite board and managed to get my mojo back on a couple insiders, including this wave. It was nothing special but it set me up with some more confidence coming up to the run of QS events after. Stoked.